Welcome to the ROVEMA Customized Experience: Sweets & Snacks
May 3., 4., 10. or 11. 2023
10am to 5pm

RCE is an exclusive series of events in Fernwald focused on the needs of packaging professionals who value quality, sustainability and innovation.
It’s about your products. Not ours.
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Rovema Gear

Main Themes:

  • Sustainable Packaging Solutions for confectionary and snacks
  • High speed applications
  • Product protection
Rovema Teach


  • “Innovative bag concepts made of paper and mono-PE for more convenience and sustainability“
    by WALKI
Rovema Gear

Packaging Expert Demos:

  • Packaging solution BVC Flexible with mono-zip
  • Picker EPU for standing and lying packaging of flexible pouches
  • BVC TwinTube high speed application with multipond weigher
  • Complete lines as turnkey solution for confectionary packaging

and more.